Here a chick, there a nugget…

We have long embraced chicken nuggets and I suspect they will be a staple in our family for at least the next decade. My one attempt to make them myself didn’t seem quite worth the effort. I some times go the semi-homemade route with the Fresh Direct Parmesan coated chicken breasts but knowing that within 20 or even 2 minutes, we can have a reasonably nutritious protein source that the whole family can embrace is something that makes life, and working parents’ dinners, easier. I’ve even had breakfast requests for them and decided it is a variation on chicken and waffles.

We have sampled three frozen varieties so far but would be open to trying the penultimate if you have a brand that you like better. So far, here’s the family’s take on the three:

1) Coleman Natural Chicken Breast Nuggets: The verdict–two thumbs up, two thumbs down. My husband and youngest didn’t care for them. My eldest thinks all three brands are equally delicious and consumes them with gusto. I rank them higher than the Perdue version below since they have more real chicken taste and are antibiotic-free. On the other hand, we love their natural bacon. Just made some this morning!

2) Perdue Dino Nuggets: The whole family will eat these but they are second choice for my husband and I on taste but first place on the convenience front. We all like them better in the microwave which takes a grand total of 90 seconds. The kids love the dino shapes of course, too. They don’t really taste like chicken and have a bit of a pepper kick sometimes but all in all, a great staple to have on hand and something I feel comfortable asking the sitters to make them for dinner. Ready in a snap and no hands on time so they can focus on the girls. They also have the most attractive price per serving.

3) Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets: These are far and away the adults’ favorites and the girls like them, too. They taste like chicken and seem to be made from much less processed cuts. The price is higher but then so is the quality. When I see them on sale, I stock up!! If we have the 20 minutes to prepare them, we recommend these as the way to go. However, they are best when prepared in the oven and there is no recommended microwave option.

Do you like any of the above? Are there others you recommend to knock these out of our freezer? Anyone give the Applegate Farms ones a whirl?

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