Taking stock of where we are and what works (and doesn’t)

So there’s a reason for the long gap in posting: challenges with the juggling act and decidedly mixed results on the introduction of new recipes. However, looking back from where we were when we started, we are definitely making progress even if it seems excruciatingly slow at times. Granted, we have the wind at our backs– my eldest is hitting that magical age between 4 and 5 where she is willing to try new things and discovers she likes more than any of us expected. And our little one still seems very interested in eating whatever is on anyone’s plate other than her own and walking around between bites. And we are learning to go with it.

So where are we? On an average week, we eat takeout once a week–usually Thai, Chinese, or barbecue. Much better than where we started. My husband is a regular at the Greenmarket so right now, we’re enjoying the height of corn season and loads of fresh fruit. And we’ve expanded our routine with a handful of new dishes, many of them with more than a little thanks to Trader Joe’s and blogs like Cooking with My Kid.

What’s been a hit? Sausages surprisingly. Hot dogs, kielbasa, italian sausage, chicken apple sausage, breakfast sausage all seem to be kid friendly, choking hazards aside. Dumplings including the quick and easy frozen ones from Trader Joe’s. Ravioli including the brilliant recipe for ravioli lasagna from Cooking with My Kid. The girls helped me make it with Trader Joe’s organic tomato sauce and their spinach and cheese refrigerated ravioli. I’m planning to try it with other types of ravioli for an expanded option but love that the girls willingly eat spinach in the ravioli. And they love pasta with Italian sausage and broccoli. In fact, fights generally have ensued of late over who gets more broccoli, much to my amazement. And they have moved beyond plain pizza to enjoy toppings as varied as broccoli, pineapple, bacon, and sausage although fresh basil still seems to set off all sorts of preschooler alarms!

I try to remind myself that I was skeptical about any pasta shape except spaghetti well into my elementary school years and the girls love trying new shapes and Evie picked the tricolor today at the supermarket.

Next up? I’m gearing up to introduce Indian since they like curry fried rice, chicken of all cultures so far, rice and bread. Ought to be interesting and we’ll have to dine out since we have a temporary rice at home ban since it seems to turn up for days after a meal in unexpected places.

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