Second week: not so good except for take to work lunch

I may have overestimated our refrigerator and freezer’s capacity (I live in a NYC apartment after all) and my ability to identify recipes that the kids would even try. Apple, strawberry, pear cobbler, made in a participatory way–happy to participate but no interest in trying despite having the opportunity to pour melted butter on top of individual ramekins from adorable tiny bird pitchers.

For week 2, the cook at home from scratch options were Ranch Chicken Strips, Havana Steak, and the aforementioned cobblers (my own recipe). The Ranch Chicken turned out reasonably well, tasted fresher, and was more tender than the girls’ usual chicken nuggets but the chicken wasn’t dinosaur-shaped which is the current preference for nugget-like foods at our house. I got the girls involved with making the cracker crumbs in ziploc bags without incident but they still weren’t particularly interested in eating the” Cracker Chicken.”

The Havana Steak didn’t go over that well with either Chris or me but it was because I used the marinade on top sirloin, the wrong cut of steak, since that’s what I had on hand. I’m sure it’s delicious on flank or skirt steak.

On the other hand, I finally used the ground lamb from the freezer and made delicious lamb burgers with feta, cumin, garlic. I put them on toasted onion brioche rolls with some Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse Red Relish for a delicious, portable lunch that reheated reasonably well in a minute in the microwave at work. And we had breakfast for dinner on Friday night that left us all satisfied: strawberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. We’ll probably make that a monthly tradition.

So, all in all, not a great week. Here’s hoping that this week goes better. Right now, we have a chicken stirfry on deck using this recipe as a base if I can find five spice powder nearby: Five-Spice Beef Stir-Fry And I’m eyeing a few chicken recipes from the Minimalist…

I’m looking for the next big success so please comment away with suggestions!

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