The Experiment Begins

We have finally found both enough time and spent enough nights unprepared to have dinner on the table 15 minutes after we get home that we decided to embark on a new approach. Yes, I know there must be millions of other blogs like this but if there is one idea that ends up being helpful to other folks with two careers and two young kids, then I’m glad to share!! New rules: takeout only on Fridays unless there are extenuating circumstances. At home meals must take less than 15 minutes to warm and very limited hands on time to do so.

My husband is willing to do as much prep as possible–pre-cook pasta, chop veggies, etc. I am a lucky woman to have a mange garder as well as someone who can wire a socket and snake a drain. None of which were on my eligible mate list so I feel doubly lucky!!

Other ground rules: I subscribe to the food philosophy of minimizing processed foods as much as possible. And we try to pick things that have at least a 50% chance of the kids trying them and have cereal as their back up choice if they won’t.

We have NYC kids so they have eaten chicken and rice of many cultures and seem to be gaining more appreciation for different cuisines’ variations on dumplings and pasta so we’re leveraging that as much as possible to both get them some veggies and to expand their palates.

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